In Pursuit of Joy

People tell me I should blog about my book. I had hoped when I wrote it that the publisher would do all the marketing. Sadly, this is apparently so longer the case. So this is me bragging about my first book “In Pursuit of Joy”.

It is the story of my recovery from depression and alcohol. However, I think it is a book everyone should read–and I’ll tell you why. I was not miraculously cured by Jesus; though my recovery (read “all recovery”) was certainly a spiritual process.

I had to learn that all people grow and develop throughout their entire lifespan. As a depressed person I had become stuck in this process and did not know how to get my needs met. I came to understand that as a human being I am a social animal and that if my social needs were not met I would be sick.

I learned to get my love and acceptance needs met by giving love and acceptance.

I learned the importance of mindfulness in the growth process

I learned that by becoming more connected with people I also became more connected to the Universe-at-large (my Higher Power).

I learned that the things I had to do to beat depression and alcoholism continued to increase my joy even when those things were no longer a problem. I had become a more compassionate, effective and grateful person.

My spiritual quest to reduce my pain became a “Pursuit of Joy”.

Learn how I did it and how you can do it too. Read “In Pursuit of Joy”. It is short, cheap, easy to read and inspirational.

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