On Becoming

The Universe is in a constant state of change. Everything is in the process of becoming something else. Galaxies constantly move apart in the expanding universe. Stars orbit our galaxy’s core. Planets, comets and asteroids orbit the sun. The Moon orbits the Earth, which spins on its axis each day. And every moment of every day I get a little bit older.

Every single one of us changes throughout our entire lifespan. When we are young we grow physically and learn about the world around us and how we fit into it. We are all becoming something—but what?

That’s really the question isn’t it? We are becoming whether we are aware of it or not, whether we want it or not. All our planning and scheming is about trying to control the becoming. And yet—most of us don’t think of it in those terms. We want to be happy and we do things we think will make us become happy. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

During my recovery from severe depression and alcoholism I had to learn a few things to become a happier, more fulfilled person. I learned that control is an illusion. The only things I can control are my own decisions. I have noticed that when I base my decisions purely on emotion–especially fear—the result is generally unpleasant. This tends to reinforce emotional decision making and am on the path to becoming a fearful, unhappy person.

However, when I logically decide to use compassion and gratitude as a guide to making my decisions I start becoming something more. My life becomes more fulfilling as the universe reflects back to me what I have put into it.

I think that most people don’t think about this very much. They think they are OK just the way they are. Here is the problem with that line of thinking: No matter how hard you try you won’t stay the same. Everything changes—becomes something else. So, what will you become?

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