Some Thoughts on Easter

Today is Easter, probably the most important Christian holiday. While I do not consider myself a Christian, I do advocate numerous Christian ideals such as: compassion, gratitude, unconditional love, non-judgmentalness and redemption. Interestingly enough, every major religion that I can think of advocates these same ideals.

Because I emphasize the importance of mindfulness I have been asked many times if my work is based on Eckhart Tolle, or if I have read his work, etc. I have not read any of his work, but I will say this: If there is an objective reality it is not surprising that many people catch a glimpse of it.

Regarding Easter, I do not think it is a coincidence that it is in the early spring. In ancient times virtually every group had a celebration at this time. Often it was considered the start of the new year because it appeared that life returned to nature after the “death” of winter.

I think that Jesus told us many times that he was our brother—not that he was somehow above us, but we are his equal. When he says “I and the Father are one,” he is really saying “WE and the Father are one.” He is telling us about our own Divinity.

Similarly, I think that when he gave his life in that dramatic and awful way and then rose from the dead, he wasn’t “washing our sins away with his blood,” he was demonstrating in no uncertain terms that “death has no sting”. We ARE a soul with a body and that soul is immortal. Death is not the end, but a transition.

Just as we are a soul or spirit with a body, God is a sprit with a body. It is called the Universe. There is Spirit in all things—including us. We are all children of God, just as Jesus was and the Buddha was and every other religious leader and reformer was. Most of us do not realize this because we are locked in prisons of our own beliefs—religious or otherwise.

So, while I do not consider myself Christian, even though I strongly believe in many of the same things; I am not Hindu; even though I believe in reincarnation; nor am I Buddhist, even though I strongly believe that mindfulness is the key to personal growth and development. I believe we must all step out of the prison of our beliefs and take an objective look at the universe. See what principles work best to promote both individual well-being and joy, and the well-being and joy of all. These are not incompatible. What’s best for one is best for all.

My wish on this most holy of Christian holidays is that everyone look at the prison walls of your own beliefs and strive for a spiritual resurrection–regardless of you religious affiliation. Let’s all look for that objective spiritual reality. When enough people do this, the world will change for the better. It is, after all the season when life returns to the world (at least in the northern hemisphere).

Happy Easter to all.


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