Book Giveaways

I just finished two Goodreads book giveaways. I like doing them. As an author I can decide in which countries the giveaway is available. Since we live in a global society I have opened it up to the bulk of the English speaking world and also China. So far I have sent books to the US, Canada, Great Britain and India. Hopefully the winners will spread the word.

Goodreads has a policy that you can’t run a giveaway for books that have been out more than six months. Since “In Pursuit of Joy” has been out longer than that I have been enclosing a copy of it with the copies of “The Mindful Lifestyle”  people have won. I’ll just have to see how that works out.

I am currently running another giveaway of “Rebecca’s Initiation”. So far it has been well received. Here is the link:

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