Author News

I have several bits of news.

I will get the unpleasant news out of the way first. I have had to take “The Mindful Lifestyle” off the market for a while. Apparently the term “transcendental meditation” is trademarked by the Maharishi Foundation. At least that’s what their lawyers say. So I have had to remove all reference to it from my book. Revisions are currently at the publisher and I expect the revised edition to be out soon.

The good news is that “In Pursuit of Joy” has won the Reader’s Favorite Bronze Medal in the category of Non-fiction—Inspirational. I will be receiving my medal at the awards ceremony in Miami the Saturday before Thanksgiving. Since that is the week of the Miami Book Fair I will be visiting there also. By the way, there were over 450 entries in this category so I’m feeling pretty good about third place.

I have always thought “In Pursuit of Joy” was a pretty good book, but it is nice to get some objective validation. I encourage you to check out the reviews on Goodreads or Amazon.

My final bit of news concerns my new fantasy “Rebecca’s Initiation”. Last weekend I ran a free Kindle download promotion. People download 89 copies. At one point it was #7 in one category and #23 in another category on the “Top 100 Free Amazon Best Sellers” list. I am hoping for more reviews out of this. Reviews so far are good. Here is the link:




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