How Do You Like Them Apples?

OK, so a little over a month ago voters went to the polls and elected Donald Trump president of the United States. I was among them. Like the majority of Americans, I did not vote for him. while I had reservations about Mrs. Clinton, I knew I did not want Trump.

Many people when faced with this choice opted out.  They decided the morally superior way to go was to not vote. This reminds me of a true story that happened probably 50 years ago.

My Father and I were at the home of one of our neighbors. He and the neighbor were having a conversation about politics. My neighbor, it seems, was one of those people who never voted.

To explain his non-voting he pointed to an apple tree in his front yard and said, “It doesn’t matter who is in power, Democrat, Republican, Communist or whatever. That tree gets the same number of apples on it either way.”

“Yes,” my father replied. “But it DOES make a difference how many of those apples you get to keep–if any.”

So, consider this: As we go forward, whether or not you voted or who you voted for, PAY ATTENTION!!!!! As you see changes happen in the coming months and years and those changes favor the “1%”; as you see science ignored and environmental safeguards stripped away; As you see rights stripped away in the name of security; you will have your moral superiority to comfort you.

It has always been true that if you leave government to the hands of a very few, they will eventually make rules that favor themselves. They will eventually end up with all the rights, privileges and wealth.

So, vigilance and involvement are the price of democracy– that everyone must pay. This means you.  How do you like them apples?

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