Free Today

Greetings all. It is a week ’til Christmas so as a gift to you all I have set my kids trilogy to be free today.

“Rebecca’s Initiation” is always free. Rebecca is a 12 year-old girl who has to go live with her grandmother after the death of her mother in a car accident. She soon finds out that Grandma is a very unusual woman and learns that magic is real. She also learns that her mother’s death was not an accident and that an ancient god wants her dead. . . . . Oh, I almost forgot–there’s a dragon.

In “Rebecca’s Destiny”, Rebecca and her magical new friends travel to see the Oracle to learn why the Great God Pan wants her dead. Upon their return they discover that their secret is out as an army of trolls try to wipe them out.

“Rebecca’s Coronation” brings it all together in a stunning final confrontation with Pan.

I’ll leave you with one of the 5-star reviews from Amazon: If ever a series of children’s books would make a great film it is this one. I was hooked from the first book. The stories are full of all the creatures of mythology we love so much, and one thing even more important, what humanity is supposed to be and so often isn’t. I think a lot of us wonder about that. I still read children’s books. They help me remember the lessons good books teach us when we were small; lessons far too many forget when they “grow up” but I never want to forget. I can’t recommend these books enough, they really do deserve that film , so many people can feel the goodness they radiate, not forgetting why we have to fight the destroyers and more hopefully save some from themselves

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