The Rebecca Pendragon Trilogy #1

OK, so I just had to brag about it. The Rebecca Pendragon Trilogy, which is free on Kindle today, has hit #1 in the children’s Arthurian category. You should check it out while it is still free.  Get The Rebecca Pendragon Trilogy Now

In other news: The cleanup of my burned out house continues. Today I looked in the dumpster where they have been throwing unsalvageable furniture–not a good idea. It really hit home to see the accumulated stuff of 30 years all piled in a heap in a dumpster. But life goes on. Tomorrow we sign a lease on the house we will live in until we can rebuild. I am almost finished on the shed I need to put the tools in I will need to farm this year. I fully expect to get back to farming in the next week or so. I continue to be impressed with the kindness we see from others. I guess that just proves that most present moments are OK–even good.


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