Random Thoughts About Corona Virus

We’re all pretty sick of hearing about the Corona Virus I’m sure. I know I am. So, I thought I’d share some of the random thoughts I have been having on this topic.

First and foremost: Don’t panic. Use your wise mind. Regardless of where you stand philosophically, a pandemic is something where science rules. Virus don’t care if you believe in it or not. The only way we can reduce the impact on us individually and as a society is to apply the scientific method and use that knowledge to fight it. By the way, the same thing is true of other phenomena involving the natural world like climate change.

Political aside: The Trumpster originally tried to tell us the virus was a hoax. He has since changed his tune. It would be nice if he would have a similar epiphany regarding climate change. When in doubt, go with science.

Lots of people are getting the cabin fever, so if it helps any I have set my fantasy The Rebecca Pendragon Trilogy to be free on Amazon for the next couple of days. Check it out. Some people like it.

What’s the deal with the toilet paper shortage? People are not using more of it. I know when I looked for it one day last week the shelves were empty. So, since there isn’t really a shortage, there must be people in my local community with closets full. I have only one thing to say to those people: Shame on you! Good job putting your panicked wants supersede other people’s needs. Use your wise mind.

I have been gratified, however, to see the good in many people rising to the surface. This often happens in times of trouble. I choose to believe this is because most people are good. Let’s try to remember that after this crisis is over.

Also, it occurs to me that learning mindfulness practices might be helpful to people staying home because of the virus. Though I can’t make it free at this time, my book The Mindful Lifestyle is a good way to learn about mindfulness.

One final thought, someday this thing will be over. Try to remember this, it may help your mood. But also, when it is over, things will be different. What our world looks like after depends on each of us. Be kind, be smart, be safe.

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