Keeping Busy

Last Spring the world held its collective breath while we all waited and hoped for the COVID 19 pandemic to run its course so we could get back to normal. However, you can only hold your breath so long before you have to get back to it; and the virus proved more persistent than we hoped. So, here we are trying to keep going while trying to stay safe. Meanwhile, there are other issues clamoring for our attention: The economy, civil unrest, election year BS, and a host of other issues. All this can have a negative effect on a person’s mental health.

I have found mindfulness practices and principles to be extremely helpful in keeping my poor, besieged brain from spinning out of control. In particular, regular deep relaxation meditation helps keep things in perspective. However, I have also found that using Skillful Means to ferret out the truth of a situation helpful in that the reality is often less scary than a lot of the misinformation out there.

Another thing I have found helpful is keeping busy. Since I live on a small farm, I have many things to keep me busy during the Spring and Summer. However, I now have some time on my hands, so I am returning to another thing that helps my mental health—regular blogging. It helps keep me centered.

I will expand on the above topics in future posts. For now, I’ll just mention that my fantasy trilogy, The Rebecca Pendragon Trilogy will be free all Labor Day weekend.

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