In Pursuit of Joy

Award winning In Pursuit of Joy has been called inspiring and brutally honest. Using examples from his own recovery from depression and alcoholism, as well as drawing from a wide range of sources, Gary Green demystifies mental illness and addiction. This concise and understandable book teaches lessons that are essential for anyone struggling with their life; but also valuable for everyone.

This book will help you:

  1. Understand the causes of mental illness.
  2. Understand the recovery process.
  3. Reduce feelings of worthlessness and isolation.
  4. Conquer addictions.
  5. Communicate more effectively.
  6. Improve relationships.
  7. Reach a new level of spiritual understanding.
  8. Increase your level of happiness.
  9. Find hope again.

This book will change your perspective from avoidance of pain to a pursuit of joy.

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Amazon Reviews for “In Pursuit of Joy”

By Patsy L. Onstad 5.0 out of 5 stars makes you think

The author uses his own life experiences to encourage everyone to find the joy in their own life. He explains how he navigated poverty, alcoholism, and depression to find his way not only to self-love and acceptance but to be able to help others with similar problems. You will come away feeling that you are a valuable person with the ability to examine your own thoughts and beliefs to discover what brings joy to you. I highly recommend this book.

By Donna Jean Carver 5.0 out of 5 stars Must Read!!

This powerful book is an easy read. It tells the story of how a farm boy from Minnesota triumphed over poverty, emotional issues and alcohol. He is now the director of a regional treatment center where he helps others overcome emotional problems. Along the way the author dispenses many words of wisdom and insight into the human mind. This book leaves you with the feeling that anything is possible. A must read !!!!

By ohden lady 5.0 out of 5 stars “In Pursuit of Joy” insightful…educational…interesting…must read

“In Pursuit of Joy” is a fascinating, multifaceted book that speaks initially of the life the author experienced from his early childhood growing up as the youngest child in a sibship of eight, to the present time. His observations regarding the dynamics of family genetics, as well as environment and the effect each tends to play in a child’s life, is very insightful…Mr. Green is speaking from experience!! The author identifies being an alcoholic…having a mental illness called depression and his struggles through and with related symptoms. In spite of these ‘impairments’ the author accepted a challenge given by ‘an old teacher’, continued his education and has been working successfully in the field of mental health for over a decade. Throughout the book are multiple little stories or examples of situations, mistaken beliefs, experiencing the positives of change that have impacted the author’s thoughts and actions. (And maybe yours and mine as well). He does not ‘preach’, does not seek self-glory or sympathy, merely states the facts as he has experienced them. Chapter 7 is my favorite…it deals with finding joy in our lives. Read it for yourself to start you own ‘quest for joy’

By Michelle Wincell 5.0 out of 5 stars Passionate life lessons for recovery-read this book!

Gary Green manages to thoughtfully educate and enlighten you all at once in this passionate expression of hope, motivation and realism. The techniques described are the very same ones accomplished therapists and treatment facilities employ and that have been found to be effective across the nation’s mental health field. They work! And this books helps to remind us all that everyone is in the same boat; we all have our unique challenges in life and we all have the capacity to recover from them. This belief alone is powerful and central to Mr. Green’s theme. His understanding of basic human nature and needs make this a book everyone can read and benefit from.

*     *     *

From the book cover

Review by Susan Gingerich, co-author of “The Illness Management and Recovery Program”, “The Complete Family Guide to Schizophrenia”, “Coping Skills Group”, and “Social Skills Training for Schizophrenia”.

In Pursuit of Joy is one of the most compelling books I have read in the last ten years. Gary Green tells his own deeply moving story of a journey from depression and alcohol problems to a life of peace with himself and the world. Although this is one man’s story, it applies to any of us who have ever felt alone with our problems, that we are unlovable in some way, and that there is no way out of the maze. Mr. Green shares the different paths that eventually led him out of his own maze, ranging from the philosophical to the psychological to the spiritual, never preaching, but always inviting people to find their own way to lead a richer, more joyful life. This book speaks directly to the heart of the matter and, uniquely, to the heart of the reader. If Mr. Green, a self-described “regular guy,” can recover his life, maybe we all can.

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