Rebecca’s Coronation sample


 1.  The Day After The Day After


It was a brilliant late summer day. Rebecca stood before her castle gate in her new armor, the sword Excalibur in her hand. She could see Pan standing with his hands on his hips about fifty yards in front of her, the sun glinting off his horns.

“Such a brave little girl. I almost wish I didn’t have to kill you.” Pan’s voice boomed across the yard. “Why don’t you put down that sword and come to me that I may finish this.”

“How about this?” she replied. “I’ll come to you, but I think I’ll keep Excalibur if you don’t mind.”

Pan laughed. “As you wish.”

Rebecca advanced toward Pan cautiously, Excalibur held high over her right shoulder with both hands. Her pace quickened as she got closer and the last ten yards she was running. When she got close enough she swung Excalibur as hard as she could. Much to her surprise the sword cut through his torso as if there was nothing there. She was shocked to see the wound close right behind the sword.

He reached for her. She cut right through his arm and again the wound healed as soon as it was made. Nearly blind with rage and fear, she attacked with the fury of a dragon. Each cut healed as soon as she made it. She stepped back, panting, frustrated.

Pan laughed. “You can’t hurt me. I am a god. Surrender to me and I will make your death swift.”

“Will you let the others go?”

“Only the magicals.”

Rebecca thought of her magical friends, Lancelot, Pip and Cedric. Even a dragon like Cedric would not be able to defeat Pan. She also thought about Naomi, her grandmother and all her human friends—especially Heather and her brother, Randy. Especially Randy. But she could do nothing for them. If her willing death would save the magicals, then so be it.

“Alright, you win. I won’t fight any more.” She fell to her knees and hung her head.

Pan came toward her, drawing his sword.

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