Armed Protest

I heard some disturbing, though not surprising news today. Apparently, the same people who brought you last weeks treasonous attack on Congress are planning similar attacks next week on Inauguration Day in every state; and I assume Washington.

They are calling for “armed protests”. Let me be clear: If you are carrying a gun to a “protest” it is not a protest. It is an insurrection, a rebellion, treason. If you look back in history, you will see that such violent action invariably precede take-over by a dictator.  For example, Hitler, Mussolini, and many other such vermin. Take this seriously. These people want a civil war. They have been preparing for years and see this as their chance—just as Trump sees this as his chance to be president for life.

Again, let me be clear: not all Americans believe in the promise of equal rights and freedom in the Constitution. Lying about the reality of things is but one of the sins they are willing to commit to get what they want. Democracy does not flow from the barrel of a gun.

I have a few suggestions. If you voted for Trump, please do some serious thinking before you participate in any protest. The possibility for a bloodbath is very real. Is that what you want? If you did not vote for trump, stay home. We have people who have sworn an oath to protect the constitution, like the National Guard and FBI, as well as the various state governments and police agencies. Let them do their jobs.

These people are trying to start a civil war. Think about what that means. We still haven’t recovered fully from the last one. If they succeed in starting a civil war hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people will be killed. In the last civil war families found themselves on both sides. Think about what it will be like when crazy Uncle Fred brings a gun to Thanksgiving dinner. Think it couldn’t happen here? I can name several places in recent history where neighbor rose against neighbor and killed them. For example: Rwanda. Crazy talk turned to crazy action. If you think a pandemic is hard on the economy, wait until you see what a civil war does.

In closing I want to say: This is a time for Wise-Mind. Wise-Mind is the concept from mindfulness practice that acknowledges your emotions but tempers your actions with reason. So, be wise, be safe and maybe as a nation we can walk the narrow path to recovery.

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